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canada goose Tags on brand See other tags Tags Irish people are sharing their defining childhood stories and they’re gas Some of us had notions even as children. By Rachel O’Neill Monday 9 Jul 2018 , 7:30 PM Jul 9th 2018, 7:31 PM 9,373 Views No Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/4118065 Share60 Tweet Email IT’S SAFE TO assume that children are quite mischievous and will believe nearly anything you tell them to up to a point. Irish children seem to be even more gullible which seems to lead to hilarious results. Source: GIPHYA simple tweet has been doing the rounds and has us asking ourselves, what was the most you thing you ever did as a child?What's the most On Brand™️ story you have from your early childhood. Mine is when my mom told me not to touch the electric stove when it was red, because that meant it was hot, so I made direct eye contact with her and slapped my hand down on the stove top.— mu✨ (@prinxeMu) July 8, 2018Of course, this led to a plethora of different answers. For example here’s mine and yes cheap canada goose outlet , I was that dorky aged 3.When asked what I wanted for my 3rd birthday I replied 'to get rid of that bad man Slobodan Milosevic' because I was obsessed with the news.— Rachel O’Neill (@ronronzo) July 8, 2018 Source: Rachel O’Neill/TwitterWe had parents trying to do something nice and it backfiring spectacularly.One time, my Dad tried to be cute and left a note under my pillow from the tooth fairy. But I thought it was real so I brought the note to school, declared I had made contact with the fairies and EMAILED BBC NEWSROUND.— ⭐ amy o'connor ⭐ (@amyohconnor) July 9, 2018It’s good to encourage curiosity right?Stuck a nut up my nose (like, a metal one) just to see if it would fit. Had to go to hospital to get it removed.— Fionnuala (@FionnualaJay) July 8, 2018I stuck the back of a badge right up my nose and no one knew until my breath started stinking and Mam brought me to the doctor. I must have been wondering what it smelled like.— Meg (@mollyfinn_x) July 9, 2018Some of us were just really hungry ok?Chewed through the landline telephone wires…more than once #partboypartrodent— Conall Mac Cionnaith (@conallmacc) July 9, 2018And some of us learned very quickly how to get our point across.when i was about 4 i got my curly hair cut by a shit hairdresser & she cut it up so short, past my ears! when i saw it i howled the place down & got off the chair & started picking my hair off the floor asking her to put it back on & cried all the way home (im fairly sure by bus)— rebecca (@rbcakn) July 9, 2018When I was 10 I pretended to faint at an Irish dancing class to get some attention because I wasn’t good at Irish dancing— Sharon Horgan (@SharonHorgan) July 9, 2018We didn’t want to take any bullshit even as kids.I got a phone call home when I was in junior infants because when one of the kids asked me what I was getting from santa for christmas I said to the room 'nothing, because he doesn't exist'— Catherine Prasifka (@prasifcat) July 9, 2018in play school I got sent to time out for locking a boy named Craig in a large toy chest because he wouldn't stop insisting that he was my boyfriend— Lady Macdeath (@InfiniteJess) July 9, 2018It’s not lazy if it’s efficient.Refused to learn how to spell my own surname because it was too complicated.— Aifric (@aifreckle) July 9, 2018Notions can develop from an early age.When I was 4, our teacher asked us to each bring in an empty Flora/dairy spread box for our crayons. A week later, I didn't have one and she asked why, I replied "sorry, my family only use *real* butter."— Bovril Lavigne (@omgDebbie) July 8, 2018In hindsight, that'd be decking myself out in the neighbour's most expensive dress & a full face of makeup, aged 4, while being babysat— Eoin Oh'F 🇵🇸 (@Eoin_OF) July 9, 2018As can defiance.Picked Constantine as my confirmation name bc I wasn't arsed reading through the book of names and the shite Keanu Reeves movie was out— Adam (@RummHammm) July 8, 2018In primary school I hated my teacher so much I gave them a ruler as a present (Christmas maybe) and stole it back during lunch.I then sat there in joyful silence as she explained to the class how hurt I must be by someone stealing my present to her.I was a petty child.— Danny Rigg (@DannyWRigg) July 8, 2018At 3 I used casually sit in the bold corner without reason and when my dad asked what was I at I replied "it's just a corner" and I think I made a psychological power move hahaha— Pop Culchie (@O_Conartist) July 8, 2018Someone clearly watched the episode of the Simpsons where Lisa lives in a tree.Held an overnight protest over a tree being cut down, complete with chants and a sign. It was in my garden. The protest was against my Da. I was six. He rightfully thought I was being a sap.— Kate (@Bed_Forever_) July 8, 2018This is just way too relatable.when I was born, they thought that I had a rare heart condition but I actually just had what appeared to be a panic attack coming out of the womb— aoife (@huummus) July 9, 2018And this just reminds us that teachers put up with a lot.When I was eight I brought a puppet “Jenny” to school every day & only talked through the puppet because everyone found it funny until the teacher had a kind word and asked whether “Jenny” only needed to come to school on a Friday because “Jenny” was so bright.— Aisling Bea (@WeeMissBea) July 9, 2018Well done everyone, another day on Twitter successfully completed.canada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka

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